The College of Management was established in August 1997, and now has seven departments and two programs: Finance, Business Administration, Insurance, Accounting, and Leisure, Recreation, Tourism Management and Marketing and Logistics Management, Golden-Ager Industry Management, Ph. D. Program in Taiwan Industrial Strategy and Development, and Senior Executive MBA. And, the first five departments offer Master degree's programs. The College of Management is the largest at the University. Our  faculty members includes 14 professors, 52 associate professors,47assistant professors, and 8 lecturers.Our renowned faculty allows various departments to offer a diverse curriculum. At the same time, the College also offers several interdisciplinary programs to expand learning opportunities and to facilitate developing sub-specialties for ambitious students. In addition, in order to further integrate resources, upgrade research levels, and promote academic exchange, since 1999, the College has begun organizing an annual nation-wide academic conference addressed to management-related issues. The College is confident that through the collective efforts of its faculty and students, it will become a distinctive, first-rate management talent source for the country.


The Departments and Graduate Institutes under the College

The following is a brief description of the various departments and graduate institutes under the College.Seven Departments/Graduate Institutes and Ph. D.  Program :1.Department and Graduate Institute of Finance2.Department and Graduate Institute of Business Administration3.Department and Graduate Institute of Insurance4.Department and Graduate Institute of Accounting5.Department and Graduate Institute of Leisure Service Management6.Department of Marketing and Logistics Management7.Department of Golden-Ager Industry Management  


Teachers structure

There are 121 full-time teachers, among 14 professors, 52 vice-professors, 47 assistant professors, and 8 lecturers in the College.  


College of Management—Management Elite

Established on August 1st, 1997, the University’s College of Management was one of the four initially established colleges with purposes of cultivating excellent management talents and setting of the educational goal of “cultivating management talents with international perspectives, team work abilities, workplace ethics and lifelong learning both in theory and real life practices”, continuously striving for excellence. In recent years, vocational education has been based on the developments of practical technical talents cultivation; to ensure the university’s advantage and keep up with the international development trend, the College of Management adopts ideas of innovative thinking and the unity of learning and application to shape the University’s characteristic of “working before graduation” and “where there is a business, there is Chaoyang”. 

In course planning and teaching, based on educational idea of creating a triple-win situation for both the University and business, the College of Management, in professional fields like finance, business management, insurance, accounting, leisure services management, marketing and logistics management, and golden-ager industry management, combines industry resources and teaching researches, creative thinking and innovative behavior, and cross-department cooperation and integration to achieve the professional, innovative, internationalized, and holistic management talents loved by business communities. 

In academic advancement, the College of Management establishes complete academic structure from bachelor to Ph. D., providing students with the best learning environment. In the meantime, facing the possible impact of low birth rate in 2016, the response is to actively take the initiative. Starting from 2012 and 2013 academic years, in the form of cross-department integrations, the Marketing and Logistics Management Department and the Leisure Services Management Department of the College of Management engage respectively in the undertaking of the four-year “Dual-Track Flagship” Project. Besides expanding sources of students, the project can also truly reflect on the goal of dual-track running side by side and enhancement of the unity of learning and application, implementing the College’s feature of “working before graduation”. In the teaching of management courses of “University-Industry Cohesion”, we have the best group of teachers with 81% of the teachers having doctorate degrees; among them there are 12 professors, 44 associate professors, 58 assistant professors, and 8 lecturers, providing students with learning in theory and professional technique based on diversified teaching and complete teaching facilities. 

Since the 2012 academic year, under the leadership of Chairman, Lee, Su-Shiang, the College of Management has adopted the concept of “Industrial College” and “Business College”, and implemented various teaching activities, inspired by the spirit of “the second phase rebuilding of the vocational education”. The strategies currently under active implementations are: 

1.      The “Po Le Hsiang Ma Talent Cultivation Plan” assists cooperation companies to look for suitable students and provides employment opportunities.

2. Respectively, the “Matching Talent Cultivation Credit Academic Program” jointly drafts suitable teaching material and teaching classes with the employer, matching students’ learning with the needs of their employer.

3. To enhance teachers’ practical abilities and keep up with industry development trends, teachers of each department are encouraged to apply for the “Practical Ability Enhancement Program” in the “Suitable Industrial In-Depth Study and Service” to strengthen practical energies in every professional field. 

4. Strengthening “Alumni Association Operation”, combining alumni resources, and enhancing department and development energy.

5. Promotion of cross-field teams among different departments, joint academic research development, and academia-industry cooperation projects.

6. Promotion of overseas academic exchanges and student internships, creating simultaneously professional advantage in “academic” and “practice”, and implementation of the goal of “Graduation equals employment, working with proficiency, and the right talent for the right job”.  

To implement the above development features and match the goals of the university and the department, the College of Management actively promotes the function oriented industry-university chain through various mechanisms, such as “adaptive positioning for various departments, suitable industry alliances, core competence building, business-teacher joint teaching, teachers’ in-depth study, teachers’ in-depth service, students’ in-depth internship, and student employment counseling”. With the “train” (combined series) mode, the strategic alliances between university and business and the cultivation of talents are strengthened, creating the “co-sharing value” of academia-industry cooperation, creating a triple-win situation for both the University and business. 

In addition, to cope with international situation and industry changes, the College of Management is to continuously improve the college development program for faculties and strategic industrial alliances to jointly create the global positioning university-industry cooperation model of “where there is a business, there is Chaoyang”, and achieve the university vision of “act locally, advance globally, and grow eternally”.


Curriculum planning

The College belongs to two university groups, including Business Categories (Finance Department, Insurance Department, and Accounting Department) and Management Categories (Business Department, leisure department, marketing department, golden-ager department).  Each Department emphasizes on Curriculum planning departments emphasizes both theory and practice, and seeks to combine theory and practical course content.The College pushinterdepartmental secondary expertise program, integrating basic discipline, industry internships program, and offer management lectures for master classes, On-the-Job Graduate Program lecture operating lectures, university program offer enterprise lecture and employment program, integration and complementarity between the College departments for the common core curriculum.We also recruit more than rank of professional teachers and the research group of apprenticeship, and increasing development capabilities of the College teachers.  Since the school year to promote the 101 two-track learning program, to implement technical and vocational education emphasis on education theory and practice with the purpose of, and teaching resources to the integration of faculties. 


Graduates Development


Since the establishment of the College, every president focus on running school and the cooperation with whole staffs and teachers, it becomes its own prototype.Human Resource Bank and Global Views Monthly” Enterprise favorite graduate” investigation, our school win the championship of National Private University for the nine times in a row from 2007 to 2012 and 2015 to 2017, Which shows excellent school performance and pragmatic attitude running deep industry and the community need to be sure, the future will also continue on the sophisticated set of objectives and strategies, expect the future to get better results.

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