Department of Marketing and Logistics Management




Department of Marketing and Logistics Management” was established in year 2007. It is aimed to meet the challenges of international competition and satisfies the needs of Taiwan’s industry to develop in line with the trend of knowledge-based economy, keep up with the world’s technical progress. Accordingly, both of our department’s teaching plan and research goal are based on the challenges mentioned above. In terms of the goal of our department’s research and teaching design, future trend, knowledge development, and progress of technology, we realize that the emerging service sector craves for people who are proficient in Marketing and Logistics Management; thus, we believe that “Marketing and Logistics Management” is surely helpful to enhance the competition and additional value of Taiwan’s businesses. The core curriculums of “The Department of Marketing and Logistics Management” are designed to meet the trend of industrial development and value the importance of theories and practices. The teaching equipment that we use is also among the best. Meanwhile, we do our best to focus on the application of technology and the enhancement of students’ English proficiency; the promotion of students’ certificates and the encouragement of students’ internship in business field. Therefore, we aim to nourish the talents who are proficient in the management of marketing, logistics, and chain enterprises. Most important, we want to play a key role in enhancing the quality of Middle Taiwan’s workforce. Generally speaking, “practicing, electronic technology, shaping students’ well-minded personality and internationalization” are our strategies, which can also meet the needs of academic research, society and school’s middle-term as well as long-term goal. We hope that the students who graduated from our department will become managers that are proficient in marketing, logistics, and managing chain enterprises as well as equipped with the ability of independent thinking, creativity, technology, and culture. All of the administrative measures are based on the regulations made by organizations and will have concrete results. Under the efforts of faculty members and students in our department, we believe that all the goals will be achieved successfully.



To meet the domestic needs for industrial talents, our educational vision is to “nourish professional managers with the knowledge of marketing management, logistics management, and chain enterprises management.” We hope that through the curriculums incorporated with theories and practices, students will realize the importance of teamwork, communication, internationalization, vocational ethics, morality, and continuous learning. The four objectives are listed as follows.

1. Based on our department’s core curriculums, we establish the knowledge-structured curriculums.

2. We integrate theories with practices.

3. Ours diversified training courses include vocational ethics, professional practices, information technology, and application of foreign languages.

4. We value cooperation with industries and practical capability of our teachers and students.

Further Development

 To reach the vision “Rooted in Taiwan, heading for world, and then achieve sustainability” of Chaoyang University of Technology and the educational goal “Nourish talents who are proficient in management, equipped with theories and practices, valuing teamwork and vocational ethics” of College of Management, we hope to nourish talents who can satisfy the needs of society. With the vision of “Nourishing professional talents who have vocational ethnics, responsibility, and knowledge of marketing management, logistics management and chain enterprises management” , we also stress the importance of making practical case study, internship, professional certificates, proficiency of foreign language, attending various contests, and core curriculums. Thus, we design the courses of Marketing Management, Logistics Management, and Chain Enterprises Management to strengthen our students’ professional capability and resolve the problems of businesses.


The Idea of designMarketing has been a global trend recently as if a bird flying without borders. Our students are ready to stretch their wings. In consideration of all the ideas mentioned above, our logo stands for a bird flying in the sky as well as represents longitude and latitude.
Crownmarketing managers with professional knowledge
Earthecology, green marketing
Dovepeace, happiness, good luck, freedom, energy, dream to take off
Shiedlpower of knowledge, order, immortality
Purplered plus blue, it is expected that our students will be fulfilled with marketing talents who are passionate, kindly, calm and reasonable